System.Web Namespace

The System.Web namespace supplies classes and interfaces that enable browser-server communication. This namespace includes the HttpRequest class, which provides extensive information about the current HTTP request; the HttpResponse class, which manages HTTP output to the client; and the HttpServerUtility class, which provides access to server-side utilities and processes. System.Web also includes classes for cookie manipulation, file transfer, exception information, and output cache control.

Public classAspNetHostingPermissionControls access permissions in ASP.NET hosted environments. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classAspNetHostingPermissionAttributeAllows security actions for AspNetHostingPermission to be applied to code using declarative security. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classDefaultHttpHandlerRepresents the properties and methods of a default HTTP handler.
Public classHttpApplicationDefines the methods, properties, and events that are common to all application objects within an ASP.NET application. This class is the base class for applications that are defined by the user in the Global.asax file.
Public classHttpApplicationStateEnables sharing of global information across multiple sessions and requests within an ASP.NET application.
Public classHttpBrowserCapabilitiesEnables the server to gather information on the capabilities of the browser that is running on the client.
Public classHttpCachePolicyContains methods for setting cache-specific HTTP headers and for controlling the ASP.NET page output cache.
Public classHttpCacheVaryByHeadersProvides a type-safe way to set the VaryByHeaders property.
Public classHttpCacheVaryByParamsProvides a type-safe way to set the VaryByParams property.
Public classHttpClientCertificateProvides the client certificate fields issued by the client in response to the server's request for the client's identity.
Public classHttpCompileExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a compiler error occurs.
Public classHttpContextEncapsulates all HTTP-specific information about an individual HTTP request.
Public classHttpCookieProvides a type-safe way to create and manipulate individual HTTP cookies.
Public classHttpCookieCollectionProvides a type-safe way to manipulate HTTP cookies.
Public classHttpExceptionDescribes an exception that occurred during the processing of HTTP requests.
Public classHttpFileCollectionProvides access to and organizes files uploaded by a client.
Public classHttpModuleCollectionProvides a way to index and retrieve a collection of IHttpModule objects.
Public classHttpParseExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a parse error occurs.
Public classHttpPostedFileProvides access to individual files that have been uploaded by a client.
Public classHttpRequestEnables ASP.NET to read the HTTP values sent by a client during a Web request.
Public classHttpRequestValidationExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a potentially malicious input string is received from the client as part of the request data. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classHttpResponseEncapsulates HTTP response information from an ASP.NET operation.
Public classHttpRuntimeProvides a set of ASP.NET run-time services for the current application.
Public classHttpServerUtilityProvides helper methods for processing Web requests.
Public classHttpStaticObjectsCollectionProvides a collection of application-scoped objects for the StaticObjects property.
Public classHttpUnhandledExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a generic exception occurs.
Public classHttpUtilityProvides methods for encoding and decoding URLs when processing Web requests. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classHttpWorkerRequestThis abstract class defines the base worker methods and enumerations used by ASP.NET managed code to process requests.
Public classHttpWriterProvides a TextWriter object that is accessed through the intrinsic HttpResponse object.
Public classParserErrorRepresents a parser error or warning. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classParserErrorCollectionManages a set of parser errors detected during parsing. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classProcessInfoProvides information on processes currently executing.
Public classProcessModelInfoContains methods that return information about worker processes.
Public classSiteMapThe SiteMap class is an in-memory representation of the navigation structure for a site, which is provided by one or more site map providers. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classSiteMapNodeRepresents a node in the hierarchical site map structure such as that described by the SiteMap class and classes that implement the abstract SiteMapProvider class.
Public classSiteMapNodeCollectionProvides a strongly typed collection for SiteMapNode objects and implements the IHierarchicalEnumerable interface to support navigating through the collection.
Public classSiteMapProviderProvides a common base class for all site map data providers, and a way for developers to implement custom site map data providers that can be used with the ASP.NET site map infrastructure as persistent stores for SiteMap objects.
Public classSiteMapProviderCollectionUsed by the SiteMap class to track the set of SiteMapProvider objects that are available to the SiteMap during site map initialization. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classSiteMapResolveEventArgsProvides data for an event that is raised by calling the CurrentNode property of the SiteMapProvider class.
Public classStaticSiteMapProviderServes as a partial implementation of the abstract SiteMapProvider class and serves as a base class for the XmlSiteMapProvider class, which is the default site map provider in ASP.NET.
Public classTraceContextCaptures and presents execution details about a Web request. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classTraceContextEventArgsProvides a collection of trace records to any method that handles the TraceFinished event. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classTraceContextRecordRepresents an ASP.NET trace message and any associated data.
Public classVirtualPathUtilityProvides utility methods for common virtual path operations.
Public classWebPageTraceListenerProvides a listener that directs Trace messages to ASP.NET Web page outputs.
Public classXmlSiteMapProviderThe XmlSiteMapProvider class is derived from the SiteMapProvider class and is the default site map provider for ASP.NET. The XmlSiteMapProvider class generates site map trees from XML files.

Public interfaceIHttpAsyncHandlerDefines the contract that HTTP asynchronous handler objects must implement.
Public interfaceIHttpHandlerDefines the contract that ASP.NET implements to synchronously process HTTP Web requests using custom HTTP handlers.
Public interfaceIHttpHandlerFactoryDefines the contract that class factories must implement to create new IHttpHandler objects.
Public interfaceIHttpModuleProvides module initialization and disposal events to the implementing class.
Public interfaceIPartitionResolverDefines methods that must be implemented for custom session-state partition resolution.

Public delegateBeginEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles asynchronous events such as application events. This delegate is called at the start of an asynchronous operation.
Public delegateEndEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles asynchronous events such as application events.
Public delegateHttpCacheValidateHandlerRepresents a method that is called to validate a cached item before the item is served from the cache.
Public delegateHttpResponseSubstitutionCallbackRepresents the method that handles post-cache substitution.
Public delegateHttpWorkerRequest.EndOfSendNotificationRepresents the method that Notifies callers when sending of the response is complete.
Public delegateSiteMapResolveEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the SiteMapResolve event of a specific instance of the SiteMapProvider or static SiteMap class.
Public delegateTraceContextEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the TraceFinished event of a TraceContext object.

Public enumerationApplicationShutdownReasonSpecifies why the AppDomain class shut down.
Public enumerationAspNetHostingPermissionLevelSpecifies the trust level that is granted to an ASP.NET Web application.
Public enumerationHttpCacheabilityProvides enumerated values that are used to set the Cache-Control HTTP header.
Public enumerationHttpCacheRevalidationProvides enumerated values that are used to set revalidation-specific Cache-Control HTTP headers.
Public enumerationHttpCookieModeSpecifies how cookies are used for a Web application.
Public enumerationHttpValidationStatusProvides enumerated values that indicate cache validation status.
Public enumerationProcessShutdownReasonProvides enumerated values that indicate why a process has shut down.
Public enumerationProcessStatusProvides enumerated values that indicate the current status of a process.
Public enumerationTraceModeSpecifies in what order trace messages are emitted into the HTML output of a page.

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