This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Uri.CheckSchemeName Method

Determines whether the specified scheme name is valid.

Namespace:  System
Assembly:  System (in System.dll)

Public Shared Function CheckSchemeName ( _
	schemeName As String _
) As Boolean
Dim schemeName As String 
Dim returnValue As Boolean 

returnValue = Uri.CheckSchemeName(schemeName)


Type: System.String

The scheme name to validate.

Return Value

Type: System.Boolean
A Boolean value that is true if the scheme name is valid; otherwise, false.

This method checks the scheme name for validity according to RFC 2396 by default. If International Resource Identifiers (IRIs) or Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) parsing is enabled, this method checks the scheme name for validity according to RFC 3986. The scheme name must begin with a letter and must contain only letters, digits, and the characters ".", "+", or "-".

For more information on IRI support, see the Remarks section for the Uri class.

The following example creates a Uri instance and checks whether the scheme name is valid.

Dim address1 As New Uri("")
Console.WriteLine("address 1 {0} a valid scheme name", IIf(Uri.CheckSchemeName(address1.Scheme), " has", " does not have")) 'TODO: For performance reasons this should be changed to nested IF statements

If address1.Scheme = Uri.UriSchemeHttp Then
    Console.WriteLine("Uri is HTTP type")
End If 
Uri* address1 = new Uri(S"");
Console::WriteLine(S"address 1 {0} a valid scheme name",
    Uri::CheckSchemeName(address1->Scheme) ? S" has" : S" does not have");

if (address1->Scheme == Uri::UriSchemeHttp)
    Console::WriteLine(S"Uri is HTTP type");


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