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Type.IsNestedPublic Property

Gets a value indicating whether a class is nested and declared public.

Namespace: System
Assembly: mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

virtual property bool IsNestedPublic {
	bool get () sealed;
/** @property */
public final boolean get_IsNestedPublic ()

public final function get IsNestedPublic () : boolean

Not applicable.

Property Value

true if the class is nested and declared public; otherwise, false.

If the current Type represents a type parameter of a generic type, this property always returns false.

TypeAttributes.VisibilityMask selects the visibility attributes.

The following example declares a public nested class and displays its IsNestedPublic property value.

using namespace System;

// Enclose a class.
public ref class MyClassA

   // Public nested class.
   ref class MyClassB{};

int main()
   // Get the type of the nested class.
   Type^ myTypeB = MyClassA::MyClassB::typeid;
   // Get the IsNestedPublic property of the nested class.
   Console::WriteLine( "\nThe IsNestedPublic property value of the nested class is {0}.", myTypeB->IsNestedPublic.ToString() );

import System.*;

// Enclose a class.
public class MyClassA
    // Public nested class.
    public class MyClassB
    } //MyClassB

    public static void main(String[] args)
        // Get the type of the nested class.
        Type myTypeB = MyClassA.MyClassB.class.ToType();
        // Get the IsNestedPublic property of the nested class.
        Console.WriteLine("\nThe IsNestedPublic property value of the nested" 
            + " class is {0}.", System.Convert.ToString(
    } //main
} //MyClassA

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