TransactionInterop Members
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TransactionInterop Members

Facilitates interaction between System.Transactions and components that were previously written to interact with MSDTC, COM+, or System.EnterpriseServices. This class cannot be inherited.

The TransactionInterop type exposes the following members.

Public method Static member GetDtcTransaction Gets an IDtcTransaction instance that represents a Transaction.  
Public method Static member GetExportCookie Transforms a transaction object into an export transaction cookie.
Public method Static member GetTransactionFromDtcTransaction Generates a Transaction from a specified IDtcTransaction.
Public method Static member GetTransactionFromExportCookie Generates a Transaction from the specified an export cookie.  
Public method Static member GetTransactionFromTransmitterPropagationToken Generates a Transaction instance from the specified transmitter propagation token. 
Public method Static member GetTransmitterPropagationToken Generates a propagation token for the specified Transaction.
Public method Static member GetWhereabouts Gets the Whereabouts of the distributed transaction manager that System.Transactions uses.  

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