MachineSettingsSection.MaxTimeout Property


Gets a maximum amount of time allowed before a transaction times out.

Namespace:   System.Transactions.Configuration
Assembly:  System.Transactions (in System.Transactions.dll)

[<TimeSpanValidatorAttribute(MinValueString = "00:00:00", MaxValueString = "10675199.02:48:05.4775807")>]
[<ConfigurationPropertyAttribute("maxTimeout", DefaultValue = "00:10:00")>]
member MaxTimeout : TimeSpan with get, set

Property Value

Type: System.TimeSpan

A TimeSpan object that contains the maximum allowable time. The default value is 00:10:00.

Exception Condition

An attempt to set this property to negative values.

This property can only be set in the machine.config file. A value of 00:00:00 (or zero) is interpreted as infinity.

.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
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