UTF8Encoding Class

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Represents a UTF-8 encoding of Unicode characters.

Namespace:  System.Text
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

Public Class UTF8Encoding _
	Inherits Encoding

The UTF8Encoding type exposes the following members.

Public methodUTF8EncodingInitializes a new instance of the UTF8Encoding class.

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Public methodGetBytes(String)Encodes the characters in a specified String object into a sequence of bytes. (Overrides Encoding..::..GetBytes(String).)
Public methodGetBytes(String, Int32, Int32, array<Byte>[]()[][], Int32)Encodes a set of characters from the specified String into the specified byte array. (Overrides Encoding..::..GetBytes(String, Int32, Int32, array<Byte>[]()[][], Int32).)
Public methodGetChars(array<Byte>[]()[][])Decodes a byte array into an array of characters. (Overrides Encoding..::..GetChars(array<Byte>[]()[][]).)
Public methodGetChars(array<Byte>[]()[][], Int32, Int32)Decodes a sequence of bytes from the specified byte array into a set of characters. (Overrides Encoding..::..GetChars(array<Byte>[]()[][], Int32, Int32).)
Public methodGetDecoderObtains a decoder that converts a UTF-8 encoded sequence of bytes into a sequence of Unicode characters. (Overrides Encoding..::..GetDecoder()()()().)
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Encoding is the process of transforming a set of Unicode characters into a sequence of bytes. Decoding is the process of transforming a sequence of encoded bytes into a set of Unicode characters.

UTF-8 encoding represents each code point as a sequence of one to four bytes.

The encoder can use the big endian byte order (most significant byte first) or the little endian byte order (least significant byte first). It is generally more efficient to store Unicode characters using the native byte order. For example, it is better to use the little endian byte order on little endian platforms, such as Intel computers.

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