System.Text.RegularExpressions Namespace

The System.Text.RegularExpressions namespace contains classes that provide access to the .NET Framework regular expression engine. The namespace provides regular expression functionality that may be used from any platform or language that runs within the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Public classCaptureRepresents the results from a single subexpression capture. Capture represents one substring for a single successful capture.
Public classCaptureCollectionRepresents a sequence of capture substrings. CaptureCollection returns the set of captures done by a single capturing group.
Public classGroupGroup represents the results from a single capturing group. A capturing group can capture zero, one, or more strings in a single match because of quantifiers, so Group supplies a collection of Capture objects.
Public classGroupCollectionRepresents a collection of captured groups. GroupCollection returns the set of captured groups in a single match.
Public classMatchRepresents the results from a single regular expression match.
Public classMatchCollectionRepresents the set of successful matches found by iteratively applying a regular expression pattern to the input string.
Public classRegexRepresents an immutable regular expression.
Public classRegexCompilationInfoProvides information about a regular expression that is used to compile a regular expression to a stand-alone assembly.
Public classRegexRunnerThe RegexRunner class is the base class for compiled regular expressions.
Public classRegexRunnerFactoryCreates a RegexRunner class for a compiled regular expression.

Public delegateMatchEvaluatorRepresents the method that is called each time a regular expression match is found during a Replace method operation.

Public enumerationRegexOptionsProvides enumerated values to use to set regular expression options.