VoiceAge Enumeration

The object model representation for the acceptable values to which the age attribute, of the SSML Voice element, can be set.

Namespace: System.Speech.Synthesis
Assembly: System.Speech (in system.speech.dll)

public enum VoiceAge
public enum VoiceAge
public enum VoiceAge

 Member nameDescription
AdultThe value that represents an adult's voice. 
ChildThe value that represents a child's voice. 
NotSetThe value that represents the age not being set to a specific value. 
SeniorThe value that represents a senior's voice. 
TeenThe value that represents a teen's voice. 

In SSML, the age attribute takes an integer value. In an attempt to make selecting the right integer corresponding to the age for the voice less trivial, the VoiceAge enumeration uses an age group that maps to an integer value that is associated with that age.

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