System.Speech.Synthesis.TtsEngine Namespace

Supports the creation of Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) based custom engines for rendering text to speech (TTS).

The members of the System.Speech.Synthesis.TtsEngine namespace make available Windows Desktop Speech Technology support for Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) based markup language and the construction of synthetic speech engines.

The SSML markup language is the industry standard to provide a rich, XML-based language for assisting the synthetic speech engines. It is endorsed by Microsoft and our competitors. For more information on SSML, see Speech Synthesis Markup Language Specification.

Creating of a new of synthetic speech engine using System.Speech.Synthesis.TtsEngine requires the implementation and registration of an object derived from the abstract base class TtsEngineSsml.

System.Speech.Synthesis.TtsEngine based synthetic speech engines are accessed through Windows Desktop Speech Technology infrastructure, using the tools in the System.Speech.Synthesis namespace, in particular SpeechSynthesizer object, and are never directly used by applications.

The Windows Desktop Speech Technology infrastructures ensures that all parameters passed to a synthetic speech engine are validated and thread synchronized.

A of synthetic speech engine implemented using System.Speech.Synthesis.TtsEngine technology can:

Public classProsody 
Public classSayAs 
Public classSkipInfo 
Public classTextFragment 
Public classTtsEngineSsmlAbstract base class to be implemented by all text to speech synthesis engines.

Public interfaceITtsEngineSite 

Public structureContourPoint 
Public structureFragmentState 
Public structureProsodyNumber 
Public structureSpeechEventInfoUsed to specify the type of event, and its arguments (if any) to be generated as part of the rendering of text to speech by a custom synthetic speech engine.

Public enumerationContourPointChangeType 
Public enumerationEmphasisBreak 
Public enumerationEmphasisWord 
Public enumerationEventParameterType 
Public enumerationProsodyPitch 
Public enumerationProsodyRange 
Public enumerationProsodyRate 
Public enumerationProsodyUnit 
Public enumerationProsodyVolume 
Public enumerationSpeakOutputFormat 
Public enumerationTtsEngineActionSpecifies the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) action to be taken in rendering a given TextFragment.
Public enumerationTtsEventId