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SpeechSynthesizer Events

SpeechSynthesizer Events

The SpeechSynthesizer type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public event BookmarkReached Raised when the SpeechSynthesizer encounters a bookmark in a prompt.
Public event PhonemeReached Raised when a phoneme is reached.
Public event SpeakCompleted Raised when the SpeechSynthesizer completes the speaking of a prompt.
Public event SpeakProgress Raised after the SpeechSynthesizer speaks each individual word of a prompt.
Public event SpeakStarted Raised when the SpeechSynthesizer begins the speaking of a prompt.
Public event StateChanged Raised when the state of the SpeechSynthesizer changes.
Public event VisemeReached Raised when a viseme is reached.
Public event VoiceChange Raised when the voice of the SpeechSynthesizer changes.
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