SrgsDocument.PhoneticAlphabet Property


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Gets or sets the phonetic alphabet of the SrgsDocument class.

Namespace:   System.Speech.Recognition.SrgsGrammar
Assembly:  System.Speech (in System.Speech.dll)

public SrgsPhoneticAlphabet PhoneticAlphabet { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: System.Speech.Recognition.SrgsGrammar.SrgsPhoneticAlphabet

Returns the phonetic alphabet that must be used to specify custom pronunciations in the SrgsToken object.

Phonetic alphabets are composed of phones, which consist of letters, numbers or characters, sometimes in combination. Each phone describes a unique sound of speech. This is in contrast to the Latin alphabet, for which any letter may represent multiple spoken sounds. Consider the different pronunciations of the letter "c" in the words "candy" and "cease", or the different pronunciations of the letter combination "th" in the words "thing" and "those".

In System.Speech, you can use any of three phonetic alphabets to specify custom pronunciations: International Phone Alphabet (IPA), Universal Phone Set (UPS), or the SAPI phone set. The specified phonetic alphabet determines which phone set will be used to define inline pronunciations for SrgsToken objects. The phones specified in Pronunciation must match the phonetic alphabet specified in PhoneticAlphabet.

See Lexicons and Phonetic Alphabets for more information.

.NET Framework
Available since 3.0
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