System.Speech.Recognition.SrgsGrammar Namespace

Public classSrgsDocumentDefines a design-time object that is used to build strongly typed runtime SRGS grammars.
Public classSrgsElementDefines the base class for elements in a grammar.
Public classSrgsGrammarCompiler 
Public classSrgsItem 
Public classSrgsNameValueTag 
Public classSrgsOneOf 
Public classSrgsRuleRepresents the grammar element that defines the limited set of possible phrases a user can say to produce a successful recognition. Use the SrgsRule class to create a new rule at run time or to modify a rule in an existing grammar stream or file at run time.
Public classSrgsRuleRef 
Public classSrgsRulesCollectionRepresents a collection of objects that can be child elements of a SrgsRule instance.
Public classSrgsSemanticInterpretationTagRepresents a tag that contains ECMAScript that is run when the rule is matched.
Public classSrgsSubset 
Public classSrgsText 
Public classSrgsToken 

Public enumerationSrgsGrammarModeIndicates the type of input that the Grammar object can expect.
Public enumerationSrgsPhoneticAlphabet 
Public enumerationSrgsRuleScopeThe SrgsRuleScope enumerated type specifies the scope of a rule in an SRGS grammar.