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SpeechRecognizer Events

SpeechRecognizer Events

The SpeechRecognizer type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public event AudioLevelUpdated Occurs when the shared recognizer reports the level of its audio input.
Public event AudioSignalProblemOccurred Occurs when the recognizer encounters a problem in the audio signal.
Public event AudioStateChanged Occurs when the state changes in the audio being received by the recognizer.
Public event EmulateRecognizeCompleted Occurs when the shared recognizer finalizes an asynchronous recognition operation for emulated input.
Public event LoadGrammarCompleted Occurs when the recognizer finishes the asynchronous loading of a speech recognition grammar.
Public event RecognizerUpdateReached Occurs when the recognizer pauses to synchronize recognition and other operations.
Public event SpeechDetected Occurs when the recognizer detects input that it can identify as speech.
Public event SpeechHypothesized Occurs when the recognizer has recognized a word or words that may be a component of multiple complete phrases in a grammar.
Public event SpeechRecognitionRejected Occurs when the recognizer receives input that does not match any of the speech recognition grammars it has loaded.
Public event SpeechRecognized Occurs when the recognizer receives input that matches one of its speech recognition grammars.
Public event StateChanged Occurs when the running state of the Windows Desktop Speech Technology recognition engine changes.
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