SpeechRecognizer.SpeechRecognizer Constructor

Construct and returns a new instance of a SpeechRecognizer object.

Namespace: System.Speech.Recognition
Assembly: System.Speech (in system.speech.dll)

public SpeechRecognizer ()
public SpeechRecognizer ()
public function SpeechRecognizer ()
Not applicable.

The example below shows the creation, initialization, and of a SpeechRecognizer object.

// Initializes the SystemRecognizer and loads sample grammars on form load.
private void Exerciser_Load(object sender, EventArgs eventArgs) {

// Initialize the DesktopRecognizer and event handlers.

_recognizer = new SpeechRecognizer();
_recognizer.PauseRecognizerOnRecognition = true;
// Disable recognition of grammars.
_recognizer.Enabled = false;


_recognizer.PauseRecognizerOnRecognition = true;

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