RecognizedPhrase Properties
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

RecognizedPhrase Properties

  Name Description
Public property Confidence Returns the measure of certainty for a RecognizedPhrase returned by a recognition engine.
Public property Grammar Returns the Grammar used by a recognition engine to return the current RecognizedPhrase.
Public property HomophoneGroupId Returns the identifier for the group from which the homophones available on an instance of RecognizedPhrase are derived.
Public property Homophones Returns a collection of homophones for the current recognized phrase.
Public property ReplacementWordUnits Returns information about the location and content of text originally recognized and then replaced by text normalization when a recognition engine creates the value of the Text property on an instance of RecognizedPhrase.
Public property Semantics Returns the any of semantic logic of a Grammar that was used to return a RecognizedPhrase.
Public property Text Returns the normalized text obtained by a recognition engine from audio input.
Public property Words Returns text obtained from audio input from a recognition engine as a ReadOnlyCollection of RecognizedWordUnit instances.
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