System.Speech.Recognition Namespace

Public classAudioLevelUpdatedEventArgs 
Public classAudioSignalProblemOccurredEventArgs 
Public classAudioStateChangedEventArgs 
Public classChoices 
Public classDictationGrammarProvides access to the system provided grammar used for free text dictation.
Public classEmulateRecognizeCompletedEventArgs 
Public classGrammarProvides run time support for obtaining and managing grammar information.
Public classGrammarBuilderProvides an easy to use mechanism for constructing complicated Grammar from simple inputs.
Public classLoadGrammarCompletedEventArgsClass passed to handlers of events generated when a new grammar is asynchronously loaded into a recognition engine.
Public classRecognitionEventArgs 
Public classRecognitionResult 
Public classRecognizeCompletedEventArgs 
Public classRecognizedAudioRepresents audio input a recognition engine used to generate candidate phrases result.
Public classRecognizedPhraseRepresents detailed information about a candidate phrase found by a recognition engine as matching audio input.
Public classRecognizedWordUnit 
Public classRecognizerInfoEncapsulates identifying information about a recognition engine (SpeechRecognizer or SpeechRecognitionEngine).
Public classRecognizerUpdateReachedEventArgsClass passed to handlers of recognition engine update events.
Public classReplacementTextContains originally recognized text replace using speech normalization by a recognition engine.
Public classSemanticResultKey 
Public classSemanticResultValueSets values to SemanticValue objects created in Grammar using GrammarBuilder instances.
Public classSemanticValueRepresents the semantic organization of a recognized phrase.
Public classSpeechDetectedEventArgsClass passed to handlers of events generated by recognition engines upon detection of human speech in an audio input.
Public classSpeechHypothesizedEventArgsClass passed as an event argument to handlers generated as a speech recognition engine develops tentative recognition results for an input phrase.
Public classSpeechRecognitionEngine 
Public classSpeechRecognitionRejectedEventArgsClass passed to handlers of events generated as when a speech recognition engine fails to identify a phrase from input.
Public classSpeechRecognizedEventArgsClass passed to handlers of events generated as upon phrase recognition by a recognition engine.
Public classSpeechRecognizer 
Public classSpeechUIProvides text and status information to the operating system in speech user interface to display to the user.
Public classStateChangedEventArgsClass passed to handlers of events generated when a recognition engine state changes.

Public enumerationAudioSignalProblem 
Public enumerationAudioState 
Public enumerationDisplayAttributesDescribes formatting for printed output of words of a recognized phrase.
Public enumerationRecognizeMode 
Public enumerationRecognizerStateDescribes the current state of a desktop speech recognition engine.
Public enumerationSubsetMatchingMode 

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