ServiceInstaller.CopyFromComponent Method (IComponent)


Copies properties from an instance of ServiceBase to this installer.

Namespace:   System.ServiceProcess
Assembly:  System.ServiceProcess (in System.ServiceProcess.dll)

public override void CopyFromComponent(
	IComponent component


Type: System.ComponentModel.IComponent

The IComponent from which to copy.

Exception Condition

The component you are associating with this installer does not inherit from ServiceBase.

This method will rarely be called within your code. CopyFromComponent is usually called only by designers.

CopyFromComponent saves the service name of the component parameter to the ServiceName of the ServiceInstaller instance. (Because the parameter must be an instance of a class that derives from ServiceBase, component is guaranteed to have a ServiceBase.ServiceName property.)


If you are using the Visual Studio designer, this method is called at design time when the user clicks Add Installer on a component that specified this class as its installer. The installer takes all information it can from the live component and stores it for use at install time.

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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