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SspiSecurityToken Properties

The SspiSecurityToken type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AllowNtlm Gets a value that indicates whether to allow NTLM authentication.
Public property AllowUnauthenticatedCallers Gets a value that indicates whether to allow anonymous callers.
Public property ExtractGroupsForWindowsAccounts Gets a value that indicates whether to extract the groups to which the Windows accounts belong.
Public property Id Gets the token ID. (Overrides SecurityToken.Id.)
Public property ImpersonationLevel Gets the token impersonation level.
Public property NetworkCredential Gets the network credential.
Public property SecurityKeys Gets a collection of security keys. (Overrides SecurityToken.SecurityKeys.)
Public property ValidFrom Gets the starting effective date for the token. (Overrides SecurityToken.ValidFrom.)
Public property ValidTo Gets the expiration date for the token. (Overrides SecurityToken.ValidTo.)
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