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SecurityContextSecurityToken Properties

The SecurityContextSecurityToken type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AuthorizationPolicies Gets a read-only collection of token authorization policies.
Public property BootstrapMessageProperty Gets or sets the SecurityMessageProperty extracted from the bootstrap message.
Public property ContextId Gets the context id.
Public property Id Gets the token id. (Overrides SecurityToken.Id.)
Public property IsCookieMode Gets a value that indicates whether a security context token (SCT) with a mode setting that specifies how cookies are handled is read in.
Public property KeyEffectiveTime Gets the key effective start time.
Public property KeyExpirationTime Gets the key expiration time.
Public property KeyGeneration Gets the key generation.
Public property SecurityKeys Gets a read-only collection of security keys. (Overrides SecurityToken.SecurityKeys.)
Public property ValidFrom Gets the token effective start time. (Overrides SecurityToken.ValidFrom.)
Public property ValidTo Gets the token expiration time. (Overrides SecurityToken.ValidTo.)
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