This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

SecurityContextSecurityToken Members

Represents the token defined by the WS-SecureConversation specification.

The SecurityContextSecurityToken type exposes the following members.

Public method SecurityContextSecurityToken Overloaded. Initializes a new instance of the SecurityContextSecurityToken class.

Public method CanCreateKeyIdentifierClause<T> Gets a value that indicates whether a specified key identifier clause type can be created. (Overrides SecurityToken.CanCreateKeyIdentifierClause<T>().)
Public method Static member CreateCookieSecurityContextToken Overloaded. Creates a security context token cookie.
Public method CreateKeyIdentifierClause<T> Creates a key identifier clause of a specified type. (Overrides SecurityToken.CreateKeyIdentifierClause<T>().)
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Public method MatchesKeyIdentifierClause Gets a value that indicates whether the current token's key identifier clause matches a specified key identifier clause. (Overrides SecurityToken.MatchesKeyIdentifierClause(SecurityKeyIdentifierClause).)
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Public method ResolveKeyIdentifierClause Gets the key for the specified key identifier clause. (Inherited from SecurityToken.)
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Public property AuthorizationPolicies Gets a read-only collection of token authorization policies.
Public property BootstrapMessageProperty
Public property ContextId Gets the context id.
Public property Id Gets the token id. (Overrides SecurityToken.Id.)
Public property IsCookieMode
Public property KeyEffectiveTime Gets the key effective start time.
Public property KeyExpirationTime Gets the key expiration time.
Public property KeyGeneration Gets the key generation.
Public property SecurityKeys Gets a read-only collection of security keys. (Overrides SecurityToken.SecurityKeys.)
Public property ValidFrom Gets the token effective start time. (Overrides SecurityToken.ValidFrom.)
Public property ValidTo Gets the token expiration time. (Overrides SecurityToken.ValidTo.)