System.ServiceModel.Security.Tokens Namespace

Public classBinarySecretSecurityToken 
Public classClaimTypeRequirementSpecifies the types of required and optional claims expected to appear in the federated credential.
Public classInitiatorServiceModelSecurityTokenRequirementSpecifies security property requirements specific to channel creation in the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).
Public classIssuedSecurityTokenParameters 
Public classIssuedSecurityTokenProvider 
Public classKerberosSecurityTokenParametersRepresents the parameters for a Kerberos security token.
Public classRecipientServiceModelSecurityTokenRequirement 
Public classRsaSecurityTokenParametersRepresents the parameters for an RSA security token.
Public classSecureConversationSecurityTokenParameters 
Public classSecurityContextSecurityToken 
Public classSecurityContextSecurityTokenAuthenticatorValidates tokens and extracts claims.
Public classSecurityContextSecurityTokenResolver 
Public classSecurityTokenParametersAn abstract class that when implemented represents security token parameters.
Public classServiceModelSecurityTokenRequirementAn abstract class that when implemented specifies security property requirements of the token being requested or authenticated that are specific to WCF. The security token manager constructs security token providers and security token authenticators that are used by the WCF security processor based on the token requirement.
Public classServiceModelSecurityTokenTypesRepresents the types of security tokens recognized by WCF.
Public classSslSecurityTokenParameters 
Public classSspiSecurityToken 
Public classSspiSecurityTokenParameters 
Public classSupportingTokenParameters 
Public classUserNameSecurityTokenParametersRepresents the parameters for a user name security token.
Public classWrappedKeySecurityTokenRepresents a security token whose key is wrapped inside another token.
Public classX509SecurityTokenParameters 

Public interfaceIIssuanceSecurityTokenAuthenticator 
Public interfaceILogonTokenCacheManagerThis interface enables an application to clear the Windows token cache on demand.
Public interfaceISecurityContextSecurityTokenCacheWhen implemented, this interface specifies a contract for a security context token cache.

Public delegateIssuedSecurityTokenHandler 
Public delegateRenewedSecurityTokenHandlerThe delegate when implemented is called before a renewed token is returned to the client.

Public enumerationSecurityTokenInclusionMode 
Public enumerationSecurityTokenReferenceStyleThis enumeration sets the desired referencing style that is used to generate security token references (STR) to the security tokens from the signature and encryption elements in the message.
Public enumerationX509KeyIdentifierClauseType