System.ServiceModel.Security Namespace

This namespace deals with general Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) security-related topics, for example, SecurityAlgorithmSuite.

For topics dealing with security tokens and certificates, for example WrappedKeySecurityToken see System.ServiceModel.Security.Tokens.

For security topics that overlap with the service model, for example TcpTransportSecurity, see System.ServiceModel.

Public classBasicSecurityProfileVersion 
Public classBinarySecretKeyIdentifierClauseRepresents the key identifier clause in a binary secret security token.
Public classChannelProtectionRequirementsDescribes encryption and signature requirements that apply to different parts of messages that are transmitted on this channel.
Public classDataProtectionSecurityStateEncoder 
Public classExpiredSecurityTokenException 
Public classHttpDigestClientCredential 
Public classIdentityVerifierAn abstract base class that can be implemented to verify an expected identity against an authorization context that represents a remote endpoint, or to create an identity from an endpoint address.
Public classInfocardInteractiveChannelInitializerInitializes an InfoCard interactive channel.
Public classIssuedTokenClientCredentialRepresents information used to obtain an issued token from a security token service.
Public classIssuedTokenServiceCredentialAllows a service to configure properties associated with the federated credential presented by the client.
Public classKeyNameIdentifierClause 
Public classMessagePartSpecificationSpecifies which parts are included in a message.
Public classMessageSecurityException 
Public classPeerCredentialContains the credentials used when authenticating a peer node within a peer mesh.
Public classScopedMessagePartSpecificationSpecifies which parts are included in a message.
Public classSecureConversationServiceCredential 
Public classSecurityAccessDeniedExceptionRepresents the security exception that is thrown when a security authorization request fails.
Public classSecurityAlgorithmSuiteSpecifies properties of algorithms. This is an abstract class.
Public classSecurityContextKeyIdentifierClause 
Public classSecurityCredentialsManager 
Public classSecurityMessageProperty 
Public classSecurityNegotiationExceptionIndicates that an error occurred while negotiating the security context for a message.
Public classSecurityStateEncoder 
Public classSecurityTokenSpecification 
Public classSecurityVersion 
Public classServiceCredentialsSecurityTokenManager 
Public classSspiSecurityTokenProviderRepresents a security token provider that provides an SSPI security token.
Public classSupportingTokenSpecification 
Public classUserNamePasswordClientCredential 
Public classUserNamePasswordServiceCredential 
Public classWindowsClientCredential 
Public classWindowsServiceCredential 
Public classWSSecurityTokenSerializer 
Public classX509CertificateInitiatorClientCredential 
Public classX509CertificateInitiatorServiceCredentialRepresents the settings used by the service to validate the certificate presented by the clients. It also contains a certificate for the service to use for encrypting responses or callbacks for clients when MutualCertificateDuplex message security authentication mode is used.
Public classX509CertificateRecipientClientCredentialRepresents the settings used by the client to validate the certificate presented by the service using SSL authentication. It also contains any certificate for the service that is explicitly configured on the client to use for encrypting messages to the service using message security.
Public classX509CertificateRecipientServiceCredential 
Public classX509ClientCertificateAuthenticationSpecifies authentication properties for validating the client certificate.
Public classX509PeerCertificateAuthentication 
Public classX509ServiceCertificateAuthentication 

Public interfaceIEndpointIdentityProviderProvides the identity of an endpoint.
Public interfaceISecureConversationSessionRepresents a secure conversation security session. The communicating parties secure all messages on the session using a SecurityContextToken that is issued by the server as part of session establishment.
Public interfaceISecuritySession 

Public enumerationMessageProtectionOrderSpecifies the order of operations that protect a message.
Public enumerationSecurityKeyEntropyModeDescribes the source of entropy used for key generation.
Public enumerationSecurityTokenAttachmentMode 
Public enumerationUserNamePasswordValidationMode 
Public enumerationX509CertificateValidationMode