This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.ServiceModel.Routing Namespace

This namespace contains classes that are used to configure and manage the WCF RoutingService.

Public classRoutingBehaviorDefines the routing behavior, which is used to configure the destination endpoints, filters and filtering options to be used during routing.
Public classRoutingConfigurationDefines the configuration information used by RoutingExtension.
Public classRoutingExtensionProvides run-time access to the routing service to allow dynamic modification of the routing configuration.
Public classRoutingServiceDefines the routing service, which is responsible for routing messages between endpoints based on filter criteria.
Public classSoapProcessingBehaviorDefines the client endpoint behavior used to marshal messages between different binding types and message versions.

Public interfaceIDuplexSessionRouterDefines the interface required to process messages from duplex session channels.
Public interfaceIRequestReplyRouterDefines the interface required to process messages from request-reply channels.
Public interfaceISimplexDatagramRouterDefines the interface required for processing messages from simplex datagram.
Public interfaceISimplexSessionRouterDefines the interface required to process messages from simplex session channels.