OperationContext Properties

  Name Description
Public property Channel Gets the channel associated with the current OperationContext object.
Public property Static Current Gets or sets the execution context for the current thread.
Public property EndpointDispatcher Gets or sets the endpoint dispatcher for the endpoint to inspect or modify.
Public property Extensions Gets the collection of service extensions from the current message context.
Public property HasSupportingTokens Gets a value that indicates whether the incoming message has supporting tokens.
Public property Host Gets the ServiceHost for the current service object.
Public property IncomingMessageHeaders Gets the incoming message headers for the OperationContext.
Public property IncomingMessageProperties Gets the message properties for the incoming message in the OperationContext.
Public property IncomingMessageVersion Gets the incoming SOAP message version for the OperationContext.
Public property InstanceContext Gets the InstanceContext object that manages the current service instance.
Public property IsUserContext This property is intended for system use and should not be called by users.
Public property OutgoingMessageHeaders Gets the outgoing message headers for the active OperationContext.
Public property OutgoingMessageProperties Gets the message properties for the outbound message in the active OperationContext.
Public property RequestContext Gets or sets the RequestContext implementation for this method.
Public property ServiceSecurityContext Gets or sets the ServiceSecurityContext within which this method executes.
Public property SessionId Gets the String used to identify the current session.
Public property SupportingTokens Gets a ICollection of type System.IdentityModel.Tokens.SecurityToken.

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