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MsmqIntegrationMessageProperty Properties

The MsmqIntegrationMessageProperty type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AcknowledgeType Gets or sets the acknowledgment type to return to the sending application.
Public property Acknowledgment Gets the acknowledgment message that Message Queuing (MSMQ) generates.
Public property AdministrationQueue Gets or sets the queue that receives the acknowledgment messages that Message Queuing (MSMQ) generates.
Public property AppSpecific Specifies additional application-specific information.
Public property ArrivedTime Gets or sets the time that the message arrived in the destination queue.
Public property Authenticated Gets or sets whether the message was authenticated.
Public property Body Gets or sets the content of the message.
Public property BodyType Gets or sets the type of data that the message body contains.
Public property CorrelationId Gets or sets the message identifier used by acknowledgment, report, and response messages to reference the original message.
Public property DestinationQueue Gets or sets the intended destination queue for the message.
Public property Extension Gets or sets additional, application-defined information associated with the message.
Public property Id Gets the message's identifier.
Public property Label Gets or sets an application-defined Unicode string that describes the message.
Public property MessageType Gets the message type: Normal, Acknowledgment, or Report.
Public property Priority Gets or sets the message priority, which determines where in the queue the message is placed.
Public property ResponseQueue Gets or sets the queue that receives application-generated response messages.
Public property SenderId Gets the identifier of the sending user.
Public property SentTime Gets the date and time on the sending computer that the message was sent by the source queue manager.
Public property TimeToReachQueue Gets or sets the maximum amount of time for the message to reach the queue.
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