EndpointDispatcher Properties

  Name Description
Public property AddressFilter Gets or sets a System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.MessageFilter object that is used to identify whether a particular message is destined for the endpoint address.
Public property ChannelDispatcher Gets the associated ChannelDispatcher object, which can be used to inspect or modify other channel-related values and behaviors.
Public property ContractFilter Gets or sets the MessageFilter object that is used to identify whether a message is destined for this contract.
Public property ContractName Gets the endpoint contract name.
Public property ContractNamespace Gets the namespace of the endpoint contract.
Public property DispatchRuntime Gets the DispatchRuntime object used to inspect, modify, or extend run-time behavior across a service endpoint or a client callback endpoint.
Public property EndpointAddress Gets the address of the endpoint.
Public property FilterPriority Gets or sets the priority of the ContractFilter and the AddressFilter combination when the ChannelDispatcher is selecting endpoints.