System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher Namespace

Contains the classes and interfaces necessary to modify the run-time execution behavior of client applications.

  Class Description
Public class ClientOperation Used to modify or extend the execution behavior of a specific contract operation in a client object or client channel object. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class ClientRuntime The insertion point for classes that extend the functionality of Silverlight client objects for all messages handled by a client application.
Public class DispatchOperation Used to modify or extend the execution behavior of a specific operation at an endpoint. In Silverlight this class modifies the execution operations that are part of a duplex callback contract. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class DispatchRuntime Exposes properties that can be used to modify default behavior as well as attach custom objects that can modify how incoming messages are transformed into objects and dispatched to callback operations, when a Silverlight client is using a duplex contract. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class EndpointDispatcher This class is not supported in the current release of Silverlight. It is present for compatibility reasons.
Public class FaultContractInfo Represents information about a SOAP fault that is specified in a FaultContractAttribute attribute.
Public class QueryStringConverter This class converts a parameter from an object to its query string representation.

  Interface Description
Public interface IClientMessageFormatter Defines methods that are used to control the conversion of messages into objects and objects into messages for client applications.
Public interface IClientMessageInspector Defines a message inspector object that can be added to the MessageInspectors collection to view or modify messages.
Public interface IClientOperationSelector Defines the contract for an operation selector.
Public interface IDispatchMessageFormatter Defines methods that deserialize request messages and serialize response messages in an application.
Public interface IParameterInspector Defines the contract implemented by custom parameter inspectors that enables the inspection or modification of information prior to and subsequent to calls on the client.

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