This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher Namespace

Public classActionMessageFilterRepresents a query that tests whether the action of a message is one of a specified set of actions.
Public classChannelDispatcherA component that accepts channels and associates them with a service.
Public classChannelDispatcherBaseAbstract base class for the channel dispatcher that accepts channels and associates them with a service.
Public classChannelDispatcherCollectionProvides a thread-safe collection that contains channel dispatchers.
Public classClientOperationUsed to modify or extend the execution behavior of a specific contract operation in a client object or client channel object. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classClientRuntimeThe insertion point for classes that extend the functionality of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) client objects for all messages handled by a client application.
Public classDispatchOperationUsed to modify or extend the execution behavior of a specific service operation in a service endpoint. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classDispatchRuntimeExposes properties that can be used to modify default service behavior as well as attach custom objects that can modify how incoming messages are transformed into objects and dispatched to operations. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classDurableOperationContextProvides a set of static methods to gain access to related information and functionality.
Public classEndpointAddressMessageFilterRepresents a query that tests whether a message satisfies the requirements of a specified endpoint address.
Public classEndpointDispatcherThe run-time object that exposes properties that enable the insertion of run-time extensions or modifications for messages in service applications.
Public classExceptionHandlerExtend the ExceptionHandler class to create an exception handler for unhandled exceptions that occur within the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) runtime.
Public classFaultContractInfoRepresents information about a SOAP fault that is specified in a FaultContractAttribute attribute.
Public classFilterInvalidBodyAccessExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a filter or filter table attempts to access the body of an unbuffered message.
Public classInvalidBodyAccessExceptionAn abstract base class for the exceptions that are thrown if an attempt is made to access the body of a message when it is not allowed.
Public classJsonQueryStringConverterThis class converts a parameter value to and from a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).
Public classMatchAllMessageFilterRepresents a query that is satisfied by every non-null message that it tests.
Public classMatchNoneMessageFilterRepresents a query that is never satisfied by a message that it tests.
Public classMessageFilterabstract base class for different classes of filters used to query messages.
Public classMessageFilterExceptionThe base class for the exceptions that are thrown when the quota of nodes inspected by a filter is exceeded.
Public classMessageFilterTable<TFilterData>Provides the generic implementation of a filter table.
Public classMultipleFilterMatchesExceptionThe exception that is thrown when multiple filters match, but only one was expected.
Public classNavigatorInvalidBodyAccessExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an XPathNavigator is directed to examine the body of an unbuffered message.
Public classPrefixEndpointAddressMessageFilterRepresents a query that tests whether a message matches an EndpointAddress using a Longest-Prefix Match for the URI component.
Public classQueryStringConverterThis class converts a parameter in a query string to an object of the appropriate type. It can also convert a parameter from an object to its query string representation.
Public classSeekableXPathNavigatorProvides read-only, random access to data contained in XML documents and enables efficient querying for specified nodes.
Public classServiceThrottleControls the throughput of a service to optimize availability and performance.
Public classWebHttpDispatchOperationSelectorThe operation selector that supports the Web programming model.
Public classXPathMessageContextDefines several XPath functions and namespace mappings commonly used when evaluating XPath expressions against SOAP documents.
Public classXPathMessageFilterRepresents a query on an XML document defined by an XPath 1.0 expression.
Public classXPathMessageFilterTable<TFilterData>Holds a collection of filter/data pairs for efficient matching.
Public classXPathNavigatorExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the quota of nodes allowed to be inspected by an XPathNavigator is exceeded.

Public interfaceICallContextInitializerDefines the methods that enable the initialization and recycling of thread-local storage with the thread that invokes user code.
Public interfaceIChannelInitializerDefines the interface to notify a service or client when a channel is created.
Public interfaceIClientMessageFormatterDefines methods that are used to control the conversion of messages into objects and objects into messages for client applications.
Public interfaceIClientMessageInspectorDefines a message inspector object that can be added to the MessageInspectors collection to view or modify messages.
Public interfaceIClientOperationSelectorDefines the contract for an operation selector.
Public interfaceIDispatchMessageFormatterDefines methods that deserialize request messages and serialize response messages in a service application.
Public interfaceIDispatchMessageInspectorDefines the methods that enable custom inspection or modification of inbound and outbound application messages in service applications.
Public interfaceIDispatchOperationSelectorDefines the contract that associates incoming messages with a local operation to customize service execution behavior.
Public interfaceIErrorHandlerAllows an implementer to control the fault message returned to the caller and optionally perform custom error processing such as logging.
Public interfaceIInputSessionShutdownDefines the contract that must be implemented to shut down an input session.
Public interfaceIInstanceContextInitializerDefines the methods necessary to inspect or modify the creation of InstanceContext objects when required.
Public interfaceIInstanceContextProviderImplement to participate in the creation or choosing of a System.ServiceModel.InstanceContext object, especially to enable shared sessions.
Public interfaceIInstanceProviderDeclares methods that provide a service object or recycle a service object for a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service.
Public interfaceIInteractiveChannelInitializerDefines the methods that enable a client application to display a user interface to collect identity information prior to creating the channel.
Public interfaceIMessageFilterTable<TFilterData>An interface that defines the contract that a filter table must implement to inspect messages with query criteria derived from one or more filters.
Public interfaceIOperationInvokerDeclares methods that take an object and an array of parameters extracted from a message, invoke a method on that object with those parameters, and return the method's return value and output parameters.
Public interfaceIParameterInspectorDefines the contract implemented by custom parameter inspectors that enables inspection or modification of information prior to and subsequent to calls on either the client or the service.

Public delegateInstanceContextIdleCallbackRepresents the method that is called when an System.ServiceModel.InstanceContext object has finished processing.