This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

WsdlImporter Members

Imports Web Services Description Language (WSDL) 1.1 metadata with WS-Policy attachments.

The WsdlImporter type exposes the following members.

Public method WsdlImporter Overloaded. Initializes a new instance of the WsdlImporter class.

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Public method ImportAllBindings Returns a set of Binding objects imported from the metadata documents.
Public method ImportAllContracts Returns a set of ContractDescription objects that represent port type information in the metadata documents. (Overrides MetadataImporter.ImportAllContracts().)
Public method ImportAllEndpoints Returns a ServiceEndpointCollection that represents the endpoints in WSDL documents. (Overrides MetadataImporter.ImportAllEndpoints().)
Public method ImportBinding Returns a Binding object that represents binding information from a set of metadata documents.
Public method ImportContract Returns a ContractDescription object that represents metadata located by the specified port type information.
Public method ImportEndpoint Returns a ServiceEndpoint from a set of metadata documents that uses information from the specified System.Web.Services.Description.Port object.
Public method ImportEndpoints Overloaded. Returns a collection of ServiceEndpoint objects that matches all WSDL ports using a specified binding, associated with a specified port type, or within a specified WSDL service.
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Public property Errors Gets a value that indicates whether there were errors importing the metadata. (Inherited from MetadataImporter.)
Public property KnownContracts Gets a dictionary of contracts by name that the importer knows about. (Inherited from MetadataImporter.)
Public property PolicyImportExtensions Gets a collection of policy importers that the importer calls to process policy assertions. (Inherited from MetadataImporter.)
Public property State Gets or sets a collection of objects used in the importing of metadata. (Inherited from MetadataImporter.)
Public property WsdlDocuments Gets a set of ServiceDescription objects that describe the contract information in the metadata documents.
Public property WsdlImportExtensions Gets a set of IWsdlImportExtension objects used to import custom WSDL information.
Public property XmlSchemas Gets a set of XmlSchema objects that describe types in the metadata.