This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

WebScriptEnablingBehavior Properties

The WebScriptEnablingBehavior type exposes the following members.

Public property AutomaticFormatSelectionEnabled Gets or sets a value that determines if automatic format selection is enabled. (Overrides WebHttpBehavior.AutomaticFormatSelectionEnabled.)
Public property DefaultBodyStyle Gets or sets the default message body style. (Overrides WebHttpBehavior.DefaultBodyStyle.)
Public property DefaultOutgoingRequestFormat Gets or sets the default outgoing request message format. (Overrides WebHttpBehavior.DefaultOutgoingRequestFormat.)
Public property DefaultOutgoingResponseFormat Gets and sets the default outgoing response message format. (Overrides WebHttpBehavior.DefaultOutgoingResponseFormat.)
Public property FaultExceptionEnabled Gets or sets the flag that specifies whether a FaultException is generated when an internal server error (HTTP status code: 500) occurs. (Overrides WebHttpBehavior.FaultExceptionEnabled.)
Public property HelpEnabled Gets or sets a value that determines if the REST Help page is enabled. (Overrides WebHttpBehavior.HelpEnabled.)
Protected property JavascriptCallbackParameterName Gets or sets the JavaScript callback parameter name. (Inherited from WebHttpBehavior.)