WebHttpBehavior.GetOperationSelector Method (ServiceEndpoint)


Creates a new WebHttpDispatchOperationSelector object.

Namespace:   System.ServiceModel.Description
Assembly:  System.ServiceModel.Web (in System.ServiceModel.Web.dll)

protected virtual WebHttpDispatchOperationSelector GetOperationSelector(
	ServiceEndpoint endpoint


Type: System.ServiceModel.Description.ServiceEndpoint

The endpoint that exposes the contract.

Return Value

Type: System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.WebHttpDispatchOperationSelector

An instance of WebHttpDispatchOperationSelector that contains the operation selector for the specified endpoint.

The WebHttpDispatchOperationSelector maps calls to WCF service operations based on the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) suffix and the HTTP method used. This is an extensibility point that derived behaviors can use to supply their own implementation of WebHttpDispatchOperationSelector that maps the incoming HTTP request to a service operation.

.NET Framework
Available since 3.5
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