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MetadataExchangeClient Class

Downloads service metadata.

Namespace:  System.ServiceModel.Description
Assembly:  System.ServiceModel (in System.ServiceModel.dll)

public class MetadataExchangeClient

Use the MetadataExchangeClient to download metadata. Typically, a MetadataExchangeClient is configured for a metadata request and then passed to the MetadataResolver.Resolve or MetadataResolver.Resolve method for the MetadataResolver to use to download metadata.

However, you can use the MetadataExchangeClient directly to retrieve metadata as a MetadataSet that contains MetadataSection objects.

Whether used directly or passed to a MetadataResolver, MetadataExchangeClient has the following members to control the metadata download process:

  • Use the constructors to customize the binding to use when making the metadata request.

  • Use the HttpCredentials property to specify the credentials used to make an HTTP/GET request.

  • Use the SoapCredentials property to specify the credentials used to make a WS-Transfer metadata request.

  • Use the MaximumResolvedReferences property to limit the number of metadata references the MetadataExchangeClient resolves.

  • Use the OperationTimeout property to limit the time spent retrieving metadata.

  • Use the ResolveMetadataReferences property to specify whether to locate and retrieve other metadata documents referred to by the metadata downloaded from the original metadata endpoint.

  • Use the GetMetadata methods to begin the downloading process.

In addition, you can create a derived class that can override the following two protected methods:

The following code example shows the use of MetadataExchangeClient to specify a download binding, resolve any contained references to metadata, and download the metadata.

// Get metadata documents.
Console.WriteLine("URI of the metadata documents retreived:");
MetadataExchangeClient metaTransfer 
  = new MetadataExchangeClient(httpGetMetaAddress.Uri, MetadataExchangeClientMode.HttpGet);
metaTransfer.ResolveMetadataReferences = true;
MetadataSet otherDocs = metaTransfer.GetMetadata();
foreach (MetadataSection doc in otherDocs.MetadataSections)
  Console.WriteLine(doc.Dialect + " : " + doc.Identifier);


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