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IWsdlImportExtension.ImportContract Method

Called when importing a contract.

Namespace: System.ServiceModel.Description
Assembly: System.ServiceModel (in system.servicemodel.dll)

void ImportContract (
	WsdlImporter importer,
	WsdlContractConversionContext context
void ImportContract (
	WsdlImporter importer, 
	WsdlContractConversionContext context
function ImportContract (
	importer : WsdlImporter, 
	context : WsdlContractConversionContext
Not applicable.



The importer.


The import context to be modified.

The ImportContract method is called when a contract is being imported. You can modify the contract or insert other exporting behaviors such as System.ServiceModel.Description.IServiceContractGenerationExtension and an System.ServiceModel.Description.IOperationContractGenerationExtension objects to modify the code that is generated for the contract.

The following code example shows the use of IWsdlImportExtension to add an System.ServiceModel.Description.IServiceContractGenerationExtension and an System.ServiceModel.Description.IOperationContractGenerationExtension (the WsdlDocumentationImporter, in this case) to modify generated WCF client code at the interface and operation level.

  public void ImportContract(WsdlImporter importer, WsdlContractConversionContext context)
      // Contract Documentation
      if (context.WsdlPortType.Documentation != null)
  context.Contract.Behaviors.Add(new WsdlDocumentationImporter(context.WsdlPortType.Documentation));
      // Operation Documentation
      foreach (Operation operation in context.WsdlPortType.Operations)
          if (operation.Documentation != null)
              OperationDescription operationDescription = context.Contract.Operations.Find(operation.Name);
              if (operationDescription != null)
      operationDescription.Behaviors.Add(new WsdlDocumentationImporter(operation.Documentation));

The following code example shows how to configure the client metadata system to use the custom IWsdlImportExtension from an application configuration file.

          <extension type="Microsoft.WCF.Documentation.WsdlDocumentationImporter, WsdlDocumentation, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" />

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