This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.ServiceModel.Description Namespace

Contains the types, enumerations, and interfaces required to construct and modify descriptions of services, contract, endpoints, and so on that are used to build service runtimes and to export metadata.

Public classCallbackDebugBehaviorEnables service debugging for a callback object.
Public classClientCredentialsEnables the user to configure client and service credentials as well as service credential authentication settings for use on the client side of communication.
Public classClientViaBehaviorThe ClientViaBehavior is used by clients to specify the URI for which the transport channel should be created.
Public classContractDescriptionDescribes a contract that specifies what an endpoint communicates to the outside world.
Public classDataContractSerializerMessageContractImporterHandles the importation of data contract messages from WSDL documents.
Public classDataContractSerializerOperationBehaviorRepresents the run-time behavior of the DataContractSerializer.
Public classDispatcherSynchronizationBehaviorAn endpoint behavior that enables a service to send replies asynchronously.
Public classDurableOperationAttributeSpecifies the local execution behavior of a durable service method.
Public classDurableServiceAttributeSpecifies the internal execution behavior of a durable service contract implementation.
Public classFaultDescriptionRepresents a SOAP fault.
Public classFaultDescriptionCollectionA collection of FaultDescription objects that you can use to obtain information about SOAP faults in a contract.
Public classJsonFaultDetailRepresents a SOAP fault that is specified in the service contract for use with JSON.
Public classMessageBodyDescriptionRepresents the body of a SOAP message.
Public classMessageDescriptionRepresents the description of a message.
Public classMessageDescriptionCollectionProvides a collection that is used to store descriptions of the messages that make up an operation that belongs to a contract.
Public classMessageHeaderDescriptionRepresents a SOAP message header.
Public classMessageHeaderDescriptionCollectionRepresents a collection of System.ServiceModel.Description.MessageHeaderDescription objects.
Public classMessagePartDescriptionRepresents a description of a SOAP message part.
Public classMessagePartDescriptionCollectionRepresents a collection of System.ServiceModel.Description.MessagePartDescription objects.
Public classMessagePropertyDescriptionRepresents a message property specified by the System.ServiceModel.MessagePropertyAttribute.
Public classMessagePropertyDescriptionCollectionRepresents a collection of System.ServiceModel.Description.MessagePropertyDescription objects.
Public classMetadataConversionErrorRepresents an error or warning event that occurred during the use of a MetadataExporter or MetadataImporter.
Public classMetadataExchangeBindingsUsed to create system-provided bindings for WS-Transfer metadata exchange using the System.ServiceModel.Description.IMetadataExchange contract.
Public classMetadataExchangeClientDownloads service metadata.
Public classMetadataExporterExports service description information into metadata.
Public classMetadataImporterImports metadata into System.ServiceModel.Description.ServiceEndpoint objects.
Public classMetadataImporterQuotasSpecifies the quotas for metadata importers that derive from the MetadataImporter class.
Public classMetadataLocationRepresents the address of metadata documents.
Public classMetadataReferenceRepresents a reference to a metadata document returned from a metadata exchange endpoint.
Public classMetadataResolverRetrieves and imports metadata as ServiceEndpoint objects.
Public classMetadataSectionRepresents XML metadata or references to XML metadata.
Public classMetadataSetRepresents a serializable collection of service metadata in XML form.
Public classMustUnderstandBehaviorInstructs to disable the mandatory processing of headers not in the UnderstoodHeaders collection that must be understood according to the SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 specifications.
Public classOperationContractGenerationContextPassed to the IOperationContractGenerationExtension.GenerateOperation method to enable the modification of an operation contract and its context prior to generating code.
Public classOperationDescriptionRepresents the description of a contract operation that provides a description of the messages that make up the operation.
Public classOperationDescriptionCollectionRepresents a collection that contains operation descriptions.
Public classParameterXPathQueryGeneratorEnables the creation of an XPath from a data contract.
Public classPersistenceProviderBehaviorDefines the behavior for a PersistenceProviderFactory associated with a WorkflowServiceHost.
Public classPolicyAssertionCollectionContains policy assertions.
Public classPolicyConversionContextDefines a class used to retrieve binding assertions in metadata and to attach implementing binding elements at the appropriate scope.
Public classPolicyVersionA class used to specify the version of the WS-Policy specification being used.
Public classServiceAuthenticationBehaviorDescribes the service’s authentication behavior.
Public classServiceAuthorizationBehaviorProvides properties related to service authorization behavior.
Public classServiceContractGenerationContextPassed to the IServiceContractGenerationExtension.GenerateContract method to enable the modification of a service contract and its context prior to generating code.
Public classServiceContractGeneratorThe System.ServiceModel.Description.ServiceContractGenerator type generates service contract code and binding configurations from System.ServiceModel.Description.ServiceEndpoint description objects.
Public classServiceCredentialsConfigures a service credential. Use this class to specify the credential for the service such as an X.509 certificate. Also, use this class to specify the authentication model for various client credentials such as user name and password validation.
Public classServiceDebugBehaviorEnables debugging and help information features for a service.
Public classServiceDescriptionRepresents a complete, in-memory description of the service, including all the endpoints for the service and specifications for their respective addresses, bindings, contracts and behaviors.
Public classServiceEndpointRepresents the endpoint for a service that allows clients of the service to find and communicate with the service.
Public classServiceEndpointCollectionA collection that contains the endpoints for a service.
Public classServiceMetadataBehaviorControls the publication of service metadata and associated information.
Public classServiceMetadataContractBehaviorA contract behavior that enables you to specify whether or not to publish metadata for a given endpoint.
Public classServiceMetadataEndpointA standard endpoint with a fixed contract (IMetadataExchange) and a default HTTP binding used for exposing metadata.
Public classServiceMetadataExtensionProvides the implementation for the metadata publishing protocols.
Public classServiceSecurityAuditBehaviorSpecifies the audit behavior of security events. In general, the security events consist of authentication events such as transport, message or negotiate authentication and authorization event. For more information, seeServiceAuthorizationManager.
Public classServiceThrottlingBehaviorConfigures run-time throughput settings that enable you to tune service performance.
Public classSynchronousReceiveBehaviorControls whether channels listen synchronously or asynchronously.
Public classTransactedBatchingBehaviorRepresents a behavior that optimizes the receive operations for transports that support transactional receives.
Public classTypedMessageConverterConverts a typed message to an untyped message, or an untyped message to a typed message.
Public classUseRequestHeadersForMetadataAddressBehaviorEnables the retrieval of metadata address information from request message headers for a service.
Public classWebHttpBehaviorEnables the Web programming model for a service.
Public classWebHttpEndpointA standard endpoint with a fixed WebHttpBinding binding that automatically adds the WebHttpBehavior behavior.
Public classWebScriptEnablingBehaviorProvides support for the behavior that enables endpoints to receive HTTP requests from a browser-based ASP.NET AJAX client. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classWebScriptEndpointA standard endpoint with a fixed WebHttpBinding binding that automatically adds the WebScriptEnablingBehavior behavior.
Public classWebServiceEndpointA standard endpoint with a fixed WebHttpBinding binding.
Public classWorkflowRuntimeBehaviorDefines the behavior for the WorkflowRuntime associated with a WorkflowServiceHost.
Public classWsdlContractConversionContextPassed to custom WSDL exporters and importers to enable customization of the metadata export and import processes for a contract.
Public classWsdlEndpointConversionContextPassed to custom WSDL exporters and importers to enable customization of the metadata export and import processes for a WSDL endpoint.
Public classWsdlExporterConverts service, contract, and endpoint information into metadata documents.
Public classWsdlImporterImports Web Services Description Language (WSDL) 1.1 metadata with WS-Policy attachments.
Public classXmlSerializerMessageContractImporterHandles the import of messages from WSDL documents using the XmlSerializer.
Public classXmlSerializerOperationBehaviorControls run-time behavior of the XmlSerializer associated with an operation.

Public interfaceIContractBehaviorImplements methods that can be used to extend run-time behavior for a contract in either a service or client application.
Public interfaceIContractBehaviorAttributeSpecifies the contract for which an attribute that implements the System.ServiceModel.Description.IContractBehavior interface is active.
Public interfaceIEndpointBehaviorImplements methods that can be used to extend run-time behavior for an endpoint in either a service or client application.
Public interfaceIMetadataExchangeExposes methods used to return metadata about a service.
Public interfaceIOperationBehaviorImplements methods that can be used to extend run-time behavior for an operation in either a service or client application.
Public interfaceIOperationContractGenerationExtensionDefines the methods called during contract generation that can be used to modify the generated code for an operation.
Public interfaceIPolicyExportExtensionImplement IPolicyExportExtension to insert custom binding policy assertions in the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) information.
Public interfaceIPolicyImportExtensionDefines a method for objects that import custom policy assertions about bindings.
Public interfaceIServiceBehaviorProvides a mechanism to modify or insert custom extensions across an entire service, including the ServiceHostBase.
Public interfaceIServiceContractGenerationExtensionDefines the methods called during contract generation that can be used to modify the generated code for a service contract.
Public interfaceIWsdlExportExtensionDefines endpoint or contract behaviors that can export custom metadata.
Public interfaceIWsdlImportExtensionImplement and attach to a WsdlImporter object to control how the importer maps Web Services Description Language (WSDL) parts to those of a ServiceDescription object.

Public enumerationListenUriModeIndicates whether the transport must ensure that the URI provided for the service to listen on is unique or can be used exactly as provided.
Public enumerationMessageDirectionSpecifies the direction of the message.
Public enumerationMetadataExchangeClientModeSpecifies the exchange mode used to obtain metadata.
Public enumerationPrincipalPermissionModeSets the mode for authorization checks when using the PrincipalPermissionAttribute to control access to a method.
Public enumerationServiceContractGenerationOptionsRepresents the contract generation options available using the System.ServiceModel.Description.ServiceContractGenerator.
Public enumerationUnknownExceptionActionSpecifies how a durable service will handle an unknown exception.