TcpTransportBindingElement Properties

The TcpTransportBindingElement type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property ConnectionBufferSize Gets or sets the size of the buffer used to transmit a chunk of the serialized message on the wire from the client or service. (Inherited from ConnectionOrientedTransportBindingElement.)
Public property ConnectionPoolSettings Gets a collection of connection pool settings.
Public property ManualAddressing Gets or sets a value that indicates whether manual addressing of the message is required. (Inherited from TransportBindingElement.)
Public property MaxBufferSize Gets or sets the maximum size of the buffer to use. (Inherited from ConnectionOrientedTransportBindingElement.)
Public property MaxReceivedMessageSize Gets and sets the maximum allowable message size that can be received. (Inherited from TransportBindingElement.)
Public property Scheme Returns the URI scheme for the transport. (Overrides TransportBindingElement.Scheme.)

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