BasicHttpBinding.CreateBindingElements Method ()


Creates and returns an ordered collection of binding elements contained in the current binding.

Namespace:   System.ServiceModel
Assembly:  System.ServiceModel (in System.ServiceModel.dll)

override CreateBindingElements : unit -> BindingElementCollection

Return Value

Type: System.ServiceModel.Channels.BindingElementCollection

The BindingElementCollection that contains the ordered stack of binding elements described by the BasicHttpBinding.

The order of the binding elements is important. It reflects the order in which the protocol and transport channels are constructed and stacked. This collection of binding elements is a new collection and can be modified and then used to create a CustomBinding.

The following example creates an ordered collection of the binding elements in the current binding.

BasicHttpBinding binding = new BasicHttpBinding();
binding.Name = "binding1";
binding.Namespace = "http:\\My.ServiceModel.Samples";
BindingElementCollection elements = binding.CreateBindingElements();

Universal Windows Platform
Available since 8
.NET Framework
Available since 3.0
Portable Class Library
Supported in: portable .NET platforms
Available since 2.0
Windows Phone Silverlight
Available since 7.0
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