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System.Security.RightsManagement Namespace

Provides types to support rights management of application-created content such as that stored in a Package or XpsDocument.

Additional information about how to use and implement rights management is available online in the MSDN documentation for the Rights Management Services SDK.

  Class Description
Public class ContentGrant Represents a right granted to a user to access information in a rights managed document.
Public class ContentUser Represents a user or user-group for granting access to rights managed content.
Public class CryptoProvider Provides digital rights management services for encrypting and decrypting protected content.
Public class LocalizedNameDescriptionPair Represents an immutable (read-only) pair of "Name" and "Description" strings.
Public class PublishLicense Represents a signed rights managed publish license.
Public class RightsManagementException Represents an error condition when a rights management operation cannot complete successfully.
Public class SecureEnvironment Represents a secure client session for user activation, license binding, and other rights management operations.
Public class UnsignedPublishLicense Represents an unsigned rights managed PublishLicense or an unsigned PublishLicense template.
Public class UseLicense Represents a license that enables access to protected rights managed content.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AuthenticationType Specifies the method of rights management authentication.
Public enumeration ContentRight Specifies rights that can be granted to users for accessing content in a rights managed document.
Public enumeration RightsManagementFailureCode Specifies error conditions that can occur when performing a rights management operation.
Public enumeration UserActivationMode Specifies the type of user Rights Account Certificate to request for rights management activation.
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