This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

KeyTransRecipientInfo Properties

The KeyTransRecipientInfo type exposes the following members.

Public property EncryptedKey The EncryptedKey property retrieves the encrypted key for this key transport recipient. (Overrides RecipientInfo.EncryptedKey.)
Public property KeyEncryptionAlgorithm The KeyEncryptionAlgorithm property retrieves the key encryption algorithm used to encrypt the content encryption key. (Overrides RecipientInfo.KeyEncryptionAlgorithm.)
Public property RecipientIdentifier The RecipientIdentifier property retrieves the subject identifier associated with the encrypted content. (Overrides RecipientInfo.RecipientIdentifier.)
Public property Type The Type property retrieves the type of the recipient. The type of the recipient determines which of two major protocols is used to establish a key between the originator and the recipient of a CMS/PKCS #7 message. (Inherited from RecipientInfo.)
Public property Version The Version property retrieves the version of the key transport recipient. The version of the key transport recipient is automatically set for objects in this class, and the value implies that the recipient is taking part in a key transport algorithm. (Overrides RecipientInfo.Version.)