CmsSigner Members
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CmsSigner Members

The CmsSigner class provides signing functionality.

The CmsSigner type exposes the following members.

Public method CmsSigner Overloaded. Creates an instance of the CmsSigner class.

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Public property Certificate The Certificate property sets or retrieves the X509Certificate2 object that represents the signing certificate.
Public property Certificates The Certificates property retrieves the X509Certificate2Collection collection that contains certificates associated with the message to be signed.
Public property DigestAlgorithm The DigestAlgorithm property sets or retrieves the Oid that represents the hash algorithm used with the signature.
Public property IncludeOption The IncludeOption property sets or retrieves the option that controls whether the root and entire chain associated with the signing certificate are included with the created CMS/PKCS #7 message.
Public property SignedAttributes The SignedAttributes property retrieves the CryptographicAttributeObjectCollection collection of signed attributes to be associated with the resulting SignerInfo content. Signed attributes are signed along with the specified content.
Public property SignerIdentifierType The SignerIdentifierType property sets or retrieves the type of the identifier of the signer.
Public property UnsignedAttributes The UnsignedAttributes property retrieves the CryptographicAttributeCollection collection of unsigned PKCS #9 attributes to be associated with the resulting SignerInfo content. Unsigned attributes can be modified without invalidating the signature.

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