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System.Security.Claims Namespace

.NET Framework 4.6 and 4.5

Contains classes that implement claims-based identity in the .NET Framework, including classes that represent claims, claims-based identities, and claims-based principals.

  Class Description
Public class AuthenticationInformation Contains the authentication information that an authority asserted when creating a token for a subject.
Public class AuthenticationTypes Defines authentication types for the AuthenticationType property.
Public class AuthorizationContext Provides context information of an authorization event. This includes the principal that represents the caller, the resource that is being requested, and the action that is being performed.
Public class Claim Represents a claim.
Public class ClaimProperties Defines the keys for properties contained in the Properties property.
Public class ClaimsAuthenticationManager Defines the base implementation for a claims authentication manager. The claims authentication manager provides a place in the claims processing pipeline for applying processing logic (filtering, validation, extension) to the claims collection in the incoming principal before execution reaches your application code.
Public class ClaimsAuthorizationManager Defines the base implementation for a claims authorization manager.
Public class ClaimsIdentity Represents a claims-based identity.
Public class ClaimsPrincipal An IPrincipal implementation that supports multiple claims-based identities.
Public class ClaimTypes Defines constants for the well-known claim types that can be assigned to a subject. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class ClaimValueTypes Defines claim value types according to the type URIs defined by W3C and OASIS. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class DynamicRoleClaimProvider The single method, AddDynamicRoleClaims, exposed by this class is obsolete. You can use a ClaimsAuthenticationManager object to add claims to a ClaimsIdentity object.
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