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SByte.MinValue Field

Represents the smallest possible value of SByte. This field is constant.

Namespace:  System
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

Public Const MinValue As SByte
Dim value As SByte 

value = SByte.MinValue

The value of this constant is -128; that is, hexadecimal 0x80.

The following example uses the MinValue and MaxValue fields to verify that an Int64 value is within the range of the SByte type before it performs a type conversion. This verification prevents an OverflowException at run time.

Dim longValue As Long = -130
Dim byteValue As SByte 

If longValue <= SByte.MaxValue AndAlso _
   longValue >= SByte.MinValue Then
   byteValue = CSByte(longValue)
   Console.WriteLine("Converted long integer value to {0}.", byteValue)
   Dim rangeLimit As SByte
   Dim relationship As String 

   If longValue > SByte.MaxValue Then
      rangeLimit = SByte.MaxValue
      relationship = "greater" 
      rangeLimit = SByte.MinValue
      relationship = "less" 
   End If       

   Console.WriteLine("Conversion failure: {0:n0} is {1} than {2}.", _ 
                     longValue, _
                     relationship, _
End If       

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