SerializationInfo::GetValue Method (String^, Type^)


Retrieves a value from the SerializationInfo store.

Namespace:   System.Runtime.Serialization
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

Object^ GetValue(
	String^ name,
	Type^ type


Type: System::String^

The name associated with the value to retrieve.

Type: System::Type^

The Type of the value to retrieve. If the stored value cannot be converted to this type, the system will throw a InvalidCastException.

Return Value

Type: System::Object^

The object of the specified Type associated with name.

Exception Condition

name or type is null.


The value associated with name cannot be converted to type.


An element with the specified name is not found in the current instance.

If the data stored in the SerializationInfo is of the type requested (or one of its derived classes), that value is returned directly. Otherwise, IFormatterConverter::Convert is called to convert it to the appropriate type.

The value returned by the GetValue method can always be safely cast to the type specified in the type parameter.

The following code example demonstrates the use of the GetValue method:

// A serializable LinkedList example.  For the full LinkedList implementation
// see the Serialization sample.
ref class LinkedList: public ISerializable
   Node^ m_head;
   Node^ m_tail;

   // Serializes the object.
   virtual void GetObjectData( SerializationInfo^ info, StreamingContext /*context*/ )
      // Stores the m_head and m_tail references in the SerializationInfo info.
      info->AddValue( "head", m_head, m_head->GetType() );
      info->AddValue( "tail", m_tail, m_tail->GetType() );

   // Constructor that is called automatically during deserialization.
   // Reconstructs the object from the information in SerializationInfo info
   LinkedList( SerializationInfo^ info, StreamingContext /*context*/ )
      Node^ temp = gcnew Node( 0 );
      // Retrieves the values of Type temp.GetType() from SerializationInfo info
      m_head = dynamic_cast<Node^>(info->GetValue( "head", temp->GetType() ));
      m_tail = dynamic_cast<Node^>(info->GetValue( "tail", temp->GetType() ));

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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