System.Runtime.Remoting.Metadata.W3cXsd2001 Namespace

The System.Runtime.Remoting.Metadata.W3cXsd2001 namespace contains the XML Schema Definition (XSD) that was defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in 2001. The XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes specification from W3C identifies format and behavior of various data types. This namespace contains wrapper classes for the data types that conform to the W3C specification. All date and time types conform to the ISO standards specification.

For more information on the XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes specification, see

Public classSoapAnyUriWraps an XSD anyURI type.
Public classSoapBase64BinaryWraps an XSD base64Binary type.
Public classSoapDateWraps an XSD date type.
Public classSoapDateTimeProvides static methods for the serialization and deserialization of DateTime to a string that is formatted as XSD dateTime.
Public classSoapDayWraps an XSD gDay type.
Public classSoapDurationProvides static methods for the serialization and deserialization of TimeSpan to a string that is formatted as XSD duration.
Public classSoapEntitiesWraps an XML ENTITIES attribute.
Public classSoapEntityWraps an XML ENTITY attribute.
Public classSoapHexBinaryWraps an XSD hexBinary type.
Public classSoapIdWraps an XML ID attribute.
Public classSoapIdrefWraps an XML IDREFS attribute.
Public classSoapIdrefsWraps an XML IDREFS attribute.
Public classSoapIntegerWraps an XSD integer type.
Public classSoapLanguageWraps an XML language type.
Public classSoapMonthWraps an XSD gMonth type.
Public classSoapMonthDayWraps an XSD gMonthDay type.
Public classSoapNameWraps an XML Name type.
Public classSoapNcNameWraps an XML NcName type.
Public classSoapNegativeIntegerWraps an XSD negativeInteger type.
Public classSoapNmtokenWraps an XML NMTOKEN attribute.
Public classSoapNmtokensWraps an XML NMTOKENS attribute.
Public classSoapNonNegativeIntegerWraps an XSD nonNegativeInteger type.
Public classSoapNonPositiveIntegerWraps an XSD nonPositiveInteger type.
Public classSoapNormalizedStringWraps an XML normalizedString type.
Public classSoapNotationWraps an XML NOTATION attribute type.
Public classSoapPositiveIntegerWraps an XSD positiveInteger type.
Public classSoapQNameWraps an XSD QName type.
Public classSoapTimeWraps an XSD time type.
Public classSoapTokenWraps an XML token type.
Public classSoapYearWraps an XSD gYear type.
Public classSoapYearMonthWraps an XSD gYearMonth type.

Public interfaceISoapXsdProvides access to the XML Schema definition language (XSD) of a SOAP type.