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System.Runtime.Remoting.Metadata.W3cXsd2001 Namespace

The System.Runtime.Remoting.Metadata.W3cXsd2001 namespace contains the XML Schema Definition (XSD) defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in 2001. The XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes specification from W3C identifies format and behavior of various data types. This namespace contains wrapper classes for the data types that conform to the W3C specification. All date and time types conform to the ISO standards specification.

For more information on the XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes specification, see

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
SoapAnyUri Wraps an XML anyURI type.
SoapBase64Binary Wraps an XML base64Binary type.
SoapDate Wraps an XML date type.
SoapDateTime Wraps an XML dateTime type.
SoapDay Wraps an XML gDay type.
SoapDuration Wraps an XML duration type.
SoapEntities Wraps an XML ENTITIES attribute.
SoapEntity Wraps an XML ENTITY attribute.
SoapHexBinary Wraps an XML hexBinary type.
SoapId Wraps an XML ID attribute.
SoapIdref Wraps an XML IDREFS attribute.
SoapIdrefs Wraps an XML IDREFS attribute.
SoapInteger Wraps an XML integer type.
SoapLanguage Wraps an XML language type.
SoapMonth Wraps an XML gMonth type.
SoapMonthDay Wraps an XML gMonthDay type.
SoapName Wraps an XML Name type.
SoapNcName Wraps an XML NcName type.
SoapNegativeInteger Wraps an XML negativeInteger type.
SoapNmtoken Wraps an XML NMTOKEN attribute.
SoapNmtokens Wraps an XML NMTOKENS attribute.
SoapNonNegativeInteger Wraps an XML nonNegativeInteger type.
SoapNonPositiveInteger Wraps an XML nonPositiveInteger type.
SoapNormalizedString Wraps an XML normalizedString type.
SoapNotation Wraps an XML NOTATION attribute type.
SoapPositiveInteger Wraps an XML positiveInteger type.
SoapQName Wraps an XML QName type.
SoapTime Wraps an XML time type.
SoapToken Wraps an XML token type.
SoapYear Wraps an XML gYear type.
SoapYearMonth Wraps an XML gYearMonth type.


Interface Description
ISoapXsd Provides access to the XML Schema definition language (XSD) of a SOAP type.

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