This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ServerProcessing Enumeration

Indicates the status of the server message processing.

Namespace: System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels
Assembly: mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

<SerializableAttribute> _
<ComVisibleAttribute(True)> _
Public Enumeration ServerProcessing
Dim instance As ServerProcessing

/** @attribute SerializableAttribute() */ 
/** @attribute ComVisibleAttribute(true) */ 
public enum ServerProcessing
public enum ServerProcessing

 Member nameDescription
AsyncThe call was dispatched asynchronously, which indicates that the sink must store response data on the stack for later processing. 
CompleteThe server synchronously processed the message. 
OneWayThe message was dispatched and no response can be sent. 

Public Function ProcessMessage(ByVal myServerChannelSinkStack As IServerChannelSinkStack, _
            ByVal requestMsg As IMessage, ByVal requestHeaders As ITransportHeaders, ByVal requestStream As Stream, ByRef _
            msg As IMessage, ByRef responseHeaders As ITransportHeaders, ByRef responseStream _
            As Stream) As ServerProcessing Implements IServerChannelSink.ProcessMessage
   If myBoolEnabled Then
      LoggingHelper.PrintRequest(myTextWriterOutput, requestHeaders, requestStream)
   End If
   myServerChannelSinkStack.Push(Me, Nothing)
   Dim myServerProcessing As ServerProcessing = myNewNextSink.ProcessMessage( _
    myServerChannelSinkStack, requestMsg, requestHeaders, requestStream, msg, responseHeaders, responseStream)

   Console.WriteLine("ServerProcessing.Complete value is:   " + ServerProcessing.Complete.Tostring())
   Console.WriteLine("ServerProcessing.OneWay Value is:     " + ServerProcessing.OneWay.Tostring())
   Console.WriteLine("ServerProcessing.Async value is:      " + ServerProcessing.Async.Tostring())

   Select Case myServerProcessing
      Case ServerProcessing.Complete
         If myBoolEnabled Then
            LoggingHelper.PrintResponse(myTextWriterOutput, responseHeaders, responseStream)
         End If

      Case ServerProcessing.OneWay

      Case ServerProcessing.Async
         myServerChannelSinkStack.Store(Me, Nothing)

   End Select
   Return myServerProcessing
End Function 'ProcessMessage

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