IRegistrationServices Members
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IRegistrationServices Members

Provides a set of services for registering and unregistering managed assemblies for use from COM.

The IRegistrationServices type exposes the following members.

Public method GetManagedCategoryGuid Returns the GUID of the COM category that contains the managed classes.
Public method GetProgIdForType Retrieves the COM ProgID for a specified type.
Public method GetRegistrableTypesInAssembly Retrieves a list of classes in an assembly that would be registered by a call to RegisterAssembly.
Public method RegisterAssembly Registers the classes in a managed assembly to enable creation from COM.
Public method RegisterTypeForComClients Registers the specified type with COM using the specified GUID.
Public method TypeRepresentsComType Determines whether the specified type is a COM type.
Public method TypeRequiresRegistration Determines whether the specified type requires registration.
Public method UnregisterAssembly Unregisters the classes in a managed assembly.

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