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IRegistrationServices Members

IRegistrationServices overview

Public Methods

public methodGetManagedCategoryGuid Returns the GUID of the COM category that contains the managed classes.
public methodGetProgIdForType Retrieves the COM ProgID for a specified type.
public methodGetRegistrableTypesInAssembly Retrieves a list of classes in an assembly that would be registered by a call to RegisterAssembly.
public methodRegisterAssembly Registers the classes in a managed assembly to enable creation from COM.
public methodRegisterTypeForComClients Registers the specified type with COM using the specified GUID.
public methodTypeRepresentsComType Determines whether the specified type is a COM type.
public methodTypeRequiresRegistration Determines whether the specified type requires registration.
public methodUnregisterAssembly Unregisters the classes in a managed assembly.

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