This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


The fields of the FUNCDESC structure are listed here. For a complete list of FUNCDESC structure members, see the FUNCDESC Members topic.

Public Fields

public fieldcallconv Specifies the calling convention of a function.
public fieldcParams Counts the total number of parameters.
public fieldcParamsOpt Counts the optional parameters.
public fieldcScodes Counts the permitted return values.
public fieldelemdescFunc Contains the return type of the function.
public fieldfunckind Specifies whether the function is virtual, static, or dispatch-only.
public fieldinvkind Specifies the type of a property function.
public fieldlprgelemdescParam Indicates the size of cParams.
public fieldlprgscode Stores the count of errors a function can return on a 16-bit system.
public fieldmemid Identifies the function member ID.
public fieldoVft Specifies the offset in the VTBL for FUNC_VIRTUAL.
public fieldwFuncFlags Indicates the FUNCFLAGS of a function.

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