IDataObject Members

Provides the managed definition of the IDataObject interface.

The following tables list the members exposed by the IDataObject type.

  Name Description
Public method DAdvise Creates a connection between a data object and an advisory sink. This method is called by an object that supports an advisory sink and enables the advisory sink to be notified of changes in the object's data.
Public method DUnadvise Destroys a notification connection that had been previously established.
Public method EnumDAdvise Creates an object that can be used to enumerate the current advisory connections.
Public method EnumFormatEtc Creates an object for enumerating the FORMATETC structures for a data object. These structures are used in calls to GetData or SetData.
Public method GetCanonicalFormatEtc Provides a standard FORMATETC structure that is logically equivalent to a more complex structure. Use this method to determine whether two different FORMATETC structures would return the same data, removing the need for duplicate rendering.
Public method GetData Obtains data from a source data object. The GetData method, which is called by a data consumer, renders the data described in the specified FORMATETC structure and transfers it through the specified STGMEDIUM structure. The caller then assumes responsibility for releasing the STGMEDIUM structure.
Public method GetDataHere Obtains data from a source data object. This method, which is called by a data consumer, differs from the GetData method in that the caller must allocate and free the specified storage medium.
Public method QueryGetData Determines whether the data object is capable of rendering the data described in the FORMATETC structure. Objects attempting a paste or drop operation can call this method before calling GetData to get an indication of whether the operation may be successful.
Public method SetData Transfers data to the object that implements this method. This method is called by an object that contains a data source.