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System.Runtime.Caching.Hosting Namespace

.NET Framework 4.6 and 4.5

The types in the System.Runtime.Caching.Hosting namespace support .NET Framework hosting environments that use the caching features in ASP.NET.

The base ObjectCache class exposes a static Host property. When a .NET Framework hosting environment starts individual application domains, it can set a reference to the Host property. This enables the hosting environment to provide better integration with the cache.

In .NET Framework 4, the System.Runtime.Caching.Hosting namespace provides interfaces that a hosting environment can use to set a IServiceProvider reference on the Host property.

  Interface Description
Public interface IApplicationIdentifier Defines an identifier for application domains that a cache implementation can use to interact with a host environment.
Public interface IFileChangeNotificationSystem Defines a way to expose a custom FileChangeMonitor object to a cache implementation.
Public interface IMemoryCacheManager Defines an interface that a cache uses in order to communicate cache memory usage to a host environment.
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